The Darke County Chamber of Commerce honored Phillip and Jodi Pierri as its 2022 “Citizens of the Year."

Chamber honors Pierri’s as ‘Citizens of the Year’

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Chamber of Commerce honored Phillip and Jodi Pierri as its 2022 “Citizens of the Year” Friday at its annual meeting in the Greenville City Park.

The Pierri’s, of Greenville, created Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. about 12 years ago with the goal of maintaining a fund that will be able to perpetually give back to the community in ways for which its members will be proud. Recently, they raised funds through the Poultry Days 5k for the Amphitheater at Heritage Park in Versailles, and the YOLO 5K for the water features for the YOLO Urban Park in Downtown Greenville.

“Through this organization, they have really done some amazing things that have really added some great assets to our community,” Kristi Strawser, CEO of EverHeart Hospice said. “Their hard work has brought our community these beautiful attractions and it is something that they should be very proud of.”

Strawser reiterated that the Pierri’s have given back to the community in a huge way.

“They radiate a love and compassion for Darke County, and have invested too many hours to count into their community,” she said. “Phillip serves on the Chamber of Commerce board and has served on the Mainstreet Greenville Board of Directors, and Rotary Board of Directors to name a few ways that they serve the community.”

Phillip works at Financial Achievement Services in Greenville. Jodi works as a financial officer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The couple accepted the award from the chamber, and said said they appreciate everything they’ve been able to do with the community thus far.

“With the speaker system downtown, our urban park in Downtown Greenville and the Amphitheater,” Phillip said. “We look forward to continuing it. YOLO is here because of you guys as well, and this community is great. It has supported us tremendously. We thank everybody here in this entire community. We’re proud to be a small part of it.”

Additionally, the chamber also honored Diana Stebbins, as “Tourism Citizen of the Year.”

Stebbins is the Hometown Horse Parade Chairperson. With her guidance, the parade has earned the title of “Best Horse Parade” in Ohio for the years 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020.



Diana Stebbins accepts her "Tourism of the Year Award."
Mick Maher, one of the founders of Greenville Area Rescue Service, attended Spirit's celebration. (Linda Moody photo)

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