Photo L to R: Daphne Lavey, Quentin Lear, Devon Hawes, Molly Clark, Landon Helman, Avery Helman, Megan Wood, Macenzy Hemmelgarn

Bradford – UVCC attends the Ohio State Convention

Written By Avery Helman, Bradford-UVCC Chapter Reporter

State convention is the time when members are recognized for their accomplishments through FFA. They all meet in one building and get to walk the stage for their awards.

Molly Clark had three awards that she was going for. One is a gold rating on the secretary book. Molly put time and effort into her book, she deservedly got a gold rating on her secretary book . A gold rating is the highest a secretary, reporter, and treasure book can receive.

Molly also earned 1st place in her Proficiency in Swine production entrepreneurship. She has worked so hard and is dedicated to every part of her SAE. She and four other people across the state were going for the first place spot and she deservedly got it. Her application will now be forwarded on the national level to compete against other people in the Nation.

Molly also got the highest degree that she can earn in the State. The state degree is obtained when a member has their chapter degree as well as 2 years of being an active member. The member also has to earn and productively spend 1,000 dollars or have worked 300 hours outside of class time on their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). They have to demonstrate leadership ability by performing 10 hours of parliamentary procedure, giving a six-minute speech on a topic related to agriculture, and serving as an FFA officer, committee chairperson, or committee member.

The member has to plan and implement a chapter’s program activities. As well as have a satisfactory record in his or her grades. They also have to participate in five activities, and complete twenty-five hours of community service. Not only did we have a member who got an award, but also Daphne Lavey played in the band. The band and Chorus combined many people’s talents, performed a concert between sessions, and also played small parts of the song during the final session.

The Bradford FFA chapter had many laughs through the convention but also outside. The members who went enjoyed bowling as well as eating at different good restaurants. The members who attended the 2022 state convention were Molly Clark, Daphne Lavey, Megan Wood, Macezy Hemmelgarn, Avery Helman, Landon Helman, Devon Hawes, Quentin Lear. This year’s Ohio state convention was a blast and a successful one.

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