Bonding With My Son

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Breaking News, Darke County News, Columns

Luke Stachler (left) and JBob aka Jimmy Thornberry (Right)

Life's Reflections

Jamie and I do spend a lot of time together since he lives with me and always has. Yet, I like to take him to events I know he will enjoy, especially karaoke.

He’s not that hard to please.

Recently, I took him to a trivia contest at the Ansonia American Legion but I didn’t stay long enough to watch and I guess he performed well. He didn’t win but he answered some of the questions. I was figuring he would on some things because he remembers dates and he likes to read.

He was labeled with developmental disabilities in school because it was said he needed one-on-one attention. Now, I’m glad he was put in a special class each year so he could learn better than in a regular classroom situation.

I am proud of him no matter what. He always amazes me…in his thinking, in his actions and in his love for family and friends.

Lately, we’ve found two other events that are fun and involve music and Bingo. One is Hillbilly Bingo and the other is Singo.

The first event we tackled was the Hillbilly Bingo brought to the Ansonia Legion by deejay JBob (Jimmy Thornsberry). It was fun and we enjoyed it. There was lots of music and lots of noise.

Then, I took him to the Greenville Veterans of Foreign Wars for Singo. It’s a lot different than Hillbilly Bingo but it, too, is fun.

Luke Stachler plays music while the players search their cards for song titles. He plays rock and roll music and country music at least three times during the evening for six games. First is rock and roll featured on one side of the card and secondly is the country music featured on the other side. Three different eras of music are featured.

Not only is it fun figuring out the right answers but it’s fun listening to the music that is played. Such nostalgia!

Reliving and singing (aloud or to oneself) the songs is such fun too not to mention the camaraderie there is among the people around you.

Think about it: “Empathy for other people, as well as being able to use your imagination, are two things that should have no limits.” – Author Unknown

Jamie and I extend our condolences to the families of:Norbert Schlecty and his sister Gayle Schlecty Koontz, Rick Reier, Sonny Clapp, Shirley Miller, Paul Parmenter, Denise Enis, Jane Christman, Cheryl Pierron, Linda Rehmert, Rick Hunt, Chris Rinderle, Betty “Gigi” Lutz, Mable Kiser, James Beisner, Bill Hart and Macy Timmerman.


Please pray for these people: Matt Hiestand, Doug Leeper, Gloria Hodge, D’Arleen Waymire, June and Don Moody, Albert Duncan, Norbert Schlecty, Cathy Melling, Scott Clark, and all of those who are suffering from other life-altering illnesses, incuding Covid and other variants associated with the Pandemic.

Luke Stachler provides the music for Singo at the VFW in Greenville. | Photo by Linda Moody
JBob (aka Jimmy Thornberry) introduced trivia and Hillbilly Bingo to participants at the Ansonia American Legion. | Courtesy Photo

I am a Darke County native living in the Ansonia area with my son. I have been in journalism 50+ years and enjoy what I do.

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