Arcanum Safety talks new firetruck, potential police hire

The Arcanum Safety Committee met on Wednesday afternoon to primarily discuss a new firetruck for the Arcanum Volunteer Fire Department.

Arcanum Fire Chief Kurt Troutwine told the committee that the department recently tried to renovate an older fire truck, with no luck due to the age of the vehicle.

Since then, the department started to design a new firetruck. The new truck will not pump water but serve as a “large tool box.” It will hold all equipment and an electric air compressor to refill air tanks. At this time, the projected cost of the new truck is around $650,000. Additionally, the truck will take about 390 days to build after it’s ordered.

Chief Troutwine said this new truck will have 30 to 35 years of run time, and leave the fire department with plenty of room to grow.

“I feel pretty confident about this,” he said. “I’ve thought long and hard about it because I’m making a decision that will affect way after I’m gone.”

The department plans to sell the old truck for around $25,000, to which Chief Troutwine said they can put toward the replacement truck.

Chief Troutwine said the department is working with the finance committee, and started to consult loan offices. He will attend the village council meeting on Tuesday to discuss the new truck with council.

Next, Arcanum Police Chief Marcus Ballinger told the committee that he hopes to offer an auxiliary position to a candidate upon completion of her CVSA testing.

This candidate came to the department highly recommended, and is previously retired from a law enforcement position in Huntington, Virginia.

The Arcanum Village Council meets every second and last Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m., at 309 S. Albright St., Arcanum, Ohio 45304. For more information contact the village administration office at 937-692-8500.

Abigail Miller / Editor

Abigail Miller is a Greenville native, Kent State graduate, writer, crocheter, shopaholic and friend. Contact Darke County Now Reporter Abigail Miller at

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