Arcanum Police Department achieves State Standards – First Small Agency in State To Achieve

Congratulations to the Arcanum Police Department for achieving certification standards in Ohio. Led by Chief Marcus Ballinger, the dedicated Officers worked the last 24 months tirelessly to adopt these state standards to become certified. The certification process is ongoing, and the police department will re-certify every few years.

In 2014 the State of Ohio started what is now known as the Ohio Collaborative board, a 12- person panel of law enforcement experts and community leaders from throughout the state to establish state-certified standards in policing.

These standards include five group categories: Mass Protests/Demonstrations, Vehicular Pursuit, Investigation of Employee Misconduct, Bias-Free Policing, Body-Worn Cameras, Use of Force, Deadly Force, Employee Recruitment and Hiring, Community
Engagement, and Agency Wellness Standards.

The rigorous certification process is a detailed review of policies and standards the police department has to meet to become certified in Ohio, and it is rare that an agency our size can complete all five groups of certification.

It’s so rare that Arcanum is the first small agency in the state of Ohio to achieve all five standards.

The police department is not just saying they will hold themselves to a higher standard; they prove it daily and show their transparency through these state-certified standards.

The Arcanum Police Department is dedicated to providing our community with a well-trained police department that exhibits professionalism at all times to give the safety and security you as residents deserve for the quality of life you desire.

Congratulations to the Arcanum Police Department!

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