Antique cars roll into Greenville

Knights of Columbus 1976 hosts Defiance Chapter of the Motor Car Club of America

The Defiance Chapter of the Motor Car Club of America rolled into Greenville Tuesday morning and was treated to a sandwich buffet by the local Knights of Columbus 1976 before journeying on their way.

“We put together a sandwich buffet made up of several meats, cheeses, breads with condiments of all sorts,” said Dale Crandall, “and they were very pleased.”

“We have national tours and regional tours and chapter tours,” said Douglas Kennedy of Defiance, OH. “Right now there is a show car craze going on which is nice.”

Kennedy believes antique cars are here to stay and with time as younger people age they too will enjoy antique vehicles.

“I think it is going to work out just fine because the older members in the club started out just like the new kids – like the younger kids today,” said Kennedy. “They had hot rods, they did this, they did that and as they got older they got more interested in the older stuff so I don’t see this dying out anytime soon. Right now there is a show car craze going on.”

Kennedy encourages people wanting to own an antique car to do so and may not be as difficult as one might believe.

“Shop it online,” noted Kennedy. “If you see some people out with some antique cars just go talk to them, they’re bound to know somebody that has one.”

As with everything man-made, it’s made to break and antique car parts are getting more scarce with time.

“Parts are getting more-scarce for some of the older stuff, and technology takes over,” explained Kennedy. “Now they have 3D scanners, 3D printers and now that is starting to come into the antique car trade. Some of the parts for the antique car that – say manifolds, valve covers that are cast or whatever, instead of casting them, now they will do a 3D print of that manifold or valve cover and from there they can make a pattern and cast a new one.”

Kennedy likes to think the antique car craze will continue long into the future.

“We’ll be able to keep it going,” Kennedy continued. “That’s our club’s goal – to maintain the antique aspect of it, the older cars, the pre-World War II cars. That’s our primary focus but it’s easier to drive the newer cars on these tours because we are a tour club, not a show car club.”


Defiance Chapter of the Motor Car Club of America members L-R, Frank Guzik, Cindy Guzik, Doug Kennedy and Wilma Davis.
Antique cars make a Tuesday morning visit to Greenville.
An antique car from Defiance at the Greenville City Park.
Members of the Defiance Chapter of the Motor Car Club of America take time for lunch in the Greenville City Park.
An antique car sits in the park at Greenville.
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