Shown here with the self-loading cot system Ansonia Rescue now has are, from left, Joe Osterholt, Brier Gilland (on cot), Bud Studt and Crystal Horne. (Linda Moody photo)

Ansonia EMS hosts over 100 at open house

ANSONIA—Ansonia Area Emergency Service’s open house on Sunday attracted more than 100 people, and those visitors were appreciated greatly.
Crystal Horne, who was hostess of the event, said she was pleased with the turn-out.

The day not only helped those in attendance learn more about the EMS’s 1-mill operations levy on the upcoming ballot, but they found out about the squad itself by going on tours that were given and demonstrations of the equipment that were featured.

Also there was the Wayne HealthCare Wellness Van and Jordan Francis of the hospital dispensing medical information to visitors. The hospital also had 200 CPR masks that were given away during the open house.

EMTs performed blood pressure tests and demonstrated the various equipment.

This community-wide event also saw those attending being treated to hot dogs and chips. Door prizes were another highlight of the day.

The rescue squad house was initially located in what was then known as the city building in downtown Ansonia and is now located at 225 W. Elroy-Ansonia Road on the south edge of the village. The squad relocated here in 1999.

They will probably stay here for quite awhile.

“We’re outgrowing this but making it work,” said rescue worker Joe Osterholt. “The biggest hurdle is that there is no place for us to sleep.”

There is a setup for the comforts of home, such as a living room with various couches and chairs (where they can rest) as well as a dining area.

“This is a nicer building,” said Horne. “We have wonderful equipment, board members and trustees.”

Those who came to the open house had the opportunity to check out the building, which offers all the comforts of home….a living quarters, the cleaning room, a shower room and restrooms.

“It’s family-friendly, family-oriented,” said Osterholt.

Rescue workers spend all of their time here when not out on a call as they work 12-hour shifts.

They have two ambulances, 291 and 292. The last time an ambulance was purchased was in 2015.

The Ansonia EMS is not eligible for all grants. Osterholt said they’re not available because they’re not essential for the Ansonia squad.

So, they make do with what they can.

“The majority of our supplies we can restock at Wayne HealthCare,” Horne said. “The things we can’t restock are gloves and specialized equipment, including monitors. We’re very fortunate we have a great community, a great hospital and great people in Ansonia.”

The squad does have a $50,000 heart monitor, a Lucas Device Mechanical CPR; King Vision camera assisted video Laryngoscope; an Intraosseous drill; a self-loading cot system on both ambulances which they dub as a life-saver not only for the patients but for themselves as it lessens the wear and tear on those transporting the patient.

All that needs to be done on the latter is pushing a couple of buttons on the cot.

Horne herself wrote her first grant and it was approved.It consists of equipment to clear the airways of infants and pediatric patients.

How does the squad pay for all of this equipment not covered by grants?

“We have a Pork Chop Dinner Oct. 23 with pre-sale tickets only, and assist in the annual Trash Bash event sponsored by the Darke County Solid Waste District, using that money for education.

“The money we make from Trash Bash is used to send EMTs to school,” she said. “That costs at least $1,300.”

Like so many other rescue squads in Ohio, Ansonia had its beginnings in the 1970s.

Training started in 1974 and the squad itself began operations in 1976.

The original service members were: Ken, Larry, Paul and Rick Alexander; John Coppess; Athern Cunningham; Mike Dohme; James and Nancy Dunwoody; Gale Kenworthy; Jay Kimmel; John Middleton; David Morrow; Roger Oliver; Mary and Tedd Pratt; Connie Rismiller; G.B. Rodeheffer; Leona Sheets; Betty Thobe; and (honorary) W.O. “Welcome” Burns.

Officers of the rescue squad today are: Chris Widener, president; Crystal Horne, vice president; Tammy Royster, secretary; Angela Widener, scheduling officer; and Joseph Osterholt, squad representative to the board.

Members of the board are: Shawn Wehrkamp, president at-large; Carolyn Wilker, Ed Huff Jr., Jim Zumbrink, Horne, Larry Bubeck and Chris Mestemaker, each representing an area in the EMS’s jurisdiction.

The squad’s regions are comprised of not only Ansonia, but of Rossburg, North Star, New Weston and Allen, Richland, Washington and York Townships.
Run made for 2020-21 totaled 478 in the region as well as some runs out of the district due to mutual aid calls.

The squad itself is comprised of 24 personnel…six paramedics, five advanced EMTs, 13 basic EMTs and one student driver.

All Crystal Horne, as well as all other rescue workers on the Ansonia squad, have to do with the self-loading cot system is to push a couple of buttons. (Linda Moody photo)
Troy Kammer, right, checks the blood pressure of Crystal Redinger at the Ansonia rescue open house Sunday. Kammer also provided sound for the event. Linda Moody photo)
Two areas of the rescue squad house in Ansonia offer the workers the comforts of home when they're working their 12-hour shifts. Above is the living area and below, the dining area. (Linda Moody photos)
Two areas of the rescue squad house in Ansonia offer the workers the comforts of home when they're working their 12-hour shifts. Above is the living area and below, the dining area. (Linda Moody photos)
Jason:Francis of Wayne HealthCare attended the open house and dispensed various information in the health arena to those attending the event (Linda Moody photo)
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