Amy Brenner Becomes CPR Instructor for EverHeart Hospice
Amy Brenner Becomes CPR Instructor for EverHeart Hospice

Amy Brenner Becomes CPR Instructor for EverHeart Hospice

Amy Brenner, Training and Development Coordinator at EverHeart Hospice, recently completed the courses and training necessary to become a CPR instructor. Becoming an instructor starts with an application and an active CPR provider license. The next step is to complete four online courses through the American Heart Association and an evaluation of your CPR skills through a CPR training center. A written examination must be passed once the classroom portion of instruction is completed. When you pass your exam, your first CPR class is monitored by a training center representative.

Stephanie Crum, EverHeart Hospice’s Chief Quality Officer, is also a CPR Instructor for the agency and has maintained this status for two and a half years. You must be observed every two years while teaching a class to maintain instructor status. When asked about the CPR training EverHeart offers its staff, Stephanie shared how thankful she was for new equipment funded by The Women’s Giving Circle, a group of donors that support the agency and its mission.

Amy became an official instructor in December. When asked about her accomplishment, Amy stated, “Having two certified CPR instructors at EverHeart allows for us to train our staff on demand without the constraints of scheduling with an offsite source. We maintain CPR certification for all staff members who provide care for our patients in any capacity. We feel that Basic Life Support is a crucial skill to have, not only for the patients we serve but for the community we serve.”

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