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A vibrant, thriving community, like Darke County, Ohio, MUST have access to news and information that is factual, timely, practical, and accessible. A well-informed and engaged citizenry also helps to stimulate the local economy, enhance the area’s reputation, and, ultimately, build a community in which all can take pride. 

Darke County Now serves as a trusted, free source of news and information encompassing business, municipal government, agriculture, schools, sports, charity events, entertainment, and so much more. 

We aim to highlight the many positive happenings in and around the county, serve as a hub of information, provide a platform for businesses and organizations to enhance visibility, and promote opportunities for charitable giving. 

The site also provides businesses with another option for advertising, offering custom design elements, video, or related tools to help reach their audience. Online ads also allow for easy, real-time updates to take advantage of sales, timely promotions, or other opportunities. 

The site’s content and related links will be compiled by our team, as well as from local correspondents, to help tell the stories that too often do not receive the coverage they deserve. 

Darke County Now was established primarily by current and former residents of Darke County, who attended school, lived, and worked locally. The effort was aided by insightful feedback from members of the community, who were looking for a better way to tell the county’s abundance of interesting stories, highlight its rich history, and help to grow and sustain local businesses. 

We want to work with, and for, all of the communities of Darke County.

Your success is our success. 

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News, Media and Information for Darke County, Ohio.

News, Media, and Information for Darke County, Ohio.

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