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Talk of the Town
with Dr. Alex Warner

In Episode 010 of Talk of the Town, Dr. Alex Warner joins Dan Franz at Turtle Creek Golf Course, where he shares memories of basketball, as well as his financial career and life in Darke County.

Get to know Darke County on an intimate level as local socialite Dr. Alex Warner shares the stories that have helped shape this community into the amazing place in which we choose to live.

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Gaylen Blosser Darke County Now Editor

– Gaylen Blosser,

Darke County Now Editor

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New Madison Grocery

Weekly insert for the week of January 10, 2022 through January 17, 2022. Coupons valid this week only.

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“Counties are local subdivisions of a state, created by the sovereign power of the state, of its own will, without the particular solicitation, consent, or concurrent action of the people who inhabit them…. With scarcely an exception, all powers and functions of the county organization have a direct and exclusive reference to the general policy of the state, and are, in fact, but a branch of the general administration of that policy. (Hamilton County v Mighels, OS 109).”

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